Thursday, April 10, 2014

Worshipping the true LIVING GOD...

... has always paid off - not only to myself, but to everyone else I know who has walked the same path or shared the same faith.  Whether it be Paul in Asia Minor (Acts 19:11) or Elijah at Mount Camel (1 Kings 18), the power of God has ever been present with those whose hearts were wholly devoted to Him.  The LORD distinguishes Himself from all by His mighty works and doings.  

I recently challenged a friend of mine - who worships idols - to challenge his "gods".  I asked him how else will he ever know that his "gods" can hear and answer his prayers.  When I shared my testimony with him, he was filled with awe.  

I have witnessed God perform miracles in my life and in the lives of others.  In one incident, I drove over 20 miles up-country with an empty tank.  How?  Simple - we prayed, and God heard!

Recently, I was invited to minister at a week of prayer at one local church in Dar es salaam.  At the end of the week, the church elders informed me of a request from a certain lady (not Christian) for special prayers.  She was 11 months pregnant!  She was scheduled for an operation (c-section) the following Tuesday, but was going through a difficult time, both emotionally and physically.  Even though she knew she's not the first woman on the planet to deliver this way, and was dreadful of the physical pain she would have to endure, her situation was made worse by the fact that she had very little support from her family, who constantly reminded her that she was "cursed".  So, after she had shared her story, we prayed.  We called upon the NAME of the LIVING GOD, and indeed, He intervened.  Interestingly, that evening she went into labor and the following night, she had a normal delivery, and God blessed her with a healthy baby boy!

So, do you wish to know about this LIVING GOD?  I invite you to get yourself a BIBLE.  Prayerfully, read it and get to know Him.  He loves you, and wants to be your personal friend. Why don't you say, YES to Him today?